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Track-IT- scanning mouse

Description Track-IT! is a unique switch interface that allows complete operation of the cursor, and mouse button clicks, using a single, remote switch. It is designed for users with motor skill difficulties, particularly those who find conventional access impractical. It has a number of programmable options allowing the user to personalise the unit for their particular needs. […]

Switch Adapted Mouse

Description The Switch Adapted Mouse is a standard optical mouse, with two 1/8″ plugs for two switches.  Its left and right mouse clicks have been adapted so a switch can be used for activation. Website(s)

Smyle Mouse

Description The Smyle Mouse utilizes facial recognition technology to track head movements and translate them into mouse cursor movements on the screen. This enables hands-free computer control for individuals with limited mobility or physical disabilities. By using facial gestures, such as smiling or raising an eyebrow, users can perform various mouse functions like clicking, scrolling, […]

Skin VR- wireless haptic interface system

Description Skin VR offers enhances the immersion and interactivity of VR by providing haptic feedback through a thin, flexible, and wearable device. This innovative approach could revolutionize the way people interact with VR environments, making them more engaging and lifelike. Website(s) For More Information Contact  Dr Yu Xinge from City University of Hong Kong Email: […]

New Prosthetics Restoring the Sense of Touch

Description Scientists and engineers have made significant progress in developing advanced prosthetic devices that can provide sensory feedback to users, allowing them to feel sensations like pressure and texture. Through the use of motor electrodes, people who have lost their limbs will be able to feel similar sensations once again. Website(s)

Neuroprosthesis for Decoding Speech in a Paralyzed Person with Anarthria

Description Advancements in technology that restores the ability to communicate in paralyzed persons who cannot speak has the potential to improve autonomy and quality of life. This article describes an approach that decodes words and sentences directly from the cerebral cortical activity of such patients which may represent an advancement over existing methods for assisted […]

Mouse Switch Adapted “LEFT CLICK”

Description Many single switch programs can use a mouse click as the switch input method. The Switch adapted Mouse has a standard 3.5mm socket which will a wide range of input switches.  They have a USB plug and also have a PS2 adaptor. Website(s)

Mitch Mouse Emulator

Description Mitch Mouse Emulator is an interface box for the use of switches as a mouse replacement. With the Mitch, it is possible to carry out all the mouse functions on the computer with separate switches. Website(s)

K-EmoCon, a multimodal sensor dataset for continuous emotion recognition in naturalistic conversations

Description “Recognizing emotions during social interactions has many potential applications with the popularization of low-cost mobile sensors, but a challenge remains with the lack of naturalistic affective interaction data. Most existing emotion datasets do not support studying idiosyncratic emotions arising in the wild as they were collected in constrained environments. Therefore, studying emotions in the […]

AR That Lets You Try On Clothing Virtually

Description As part of Walmart’s app, they are now letting users use AR to try on clothes. It’s “allows customers to see how garments will actually fit on the bodies, complete with realistic shadows, colors, and even simulated fabric draping” (Melendez 2022). Currently, it’s being used for women’s clothing but Walmart is likely to expand […]

AI Silk Haptic VR Glove Creating Realistic Touch Sensations

Description Haptic VR glove technology that uses electric shocks and artificial intelligence to create realistic touch sensations in virtual reality by utilizing a silk-based AI system that delivers electrical pulses to the user’s fingertips, simulating the sense of touch. Website(s) For More Information Contact AI SILK contact form

AssistiveTouch on an Apple device

Description With AssistiveTouch users can adjust volume, lock your screen, use multi-finger gestures, restart your device, or replace pressing buttons with just a tap. Some common actions that can be performed using AssistiveTouch include: Website(s) For More Information Contact Apple Support

Hybrid Electronic Skin

Description This technology is built with sensors that give it the ability to mimic human skin. It is made of stretchable material that contains multiple sensors to replicate human skin reactions to materials. This technology has been created worldwide to give back feeling to those with prosthetics and robots (Dahiya, 2014). Bibliography

XRAI Glasses turn audio to subtitles through AR

Description XRAI – new augmented reality (AR) glasses turn sound into subtitles to allow deaf and hard of hearing people to “see” conversations and take part in them. They are connected to a mobile phone which handles the processing and graphics generation. The transcription is based on Amazon’s Alexa transcription service. Website(s)

XR uses in rehabilitation- SEVENPOINTONE

Description SEVENPOINTONE is a digital healthcare company that specializes in using VR to solve social health issues. Beyond health care, they look to fill gaps in innovation, as well as enable technologies including AI to become a tool that assists with healthier and happier lives of mankind, enables memories with the loved ones to be […]

XR Art- teamLab

Description teamLab (f. 2001) is an international art collective. Their collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, and the natural world. Through art, the interdisciplinary group of specialists, including artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects, aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world, and new forms […]

XanderGlasses- subtitling smart glasses

Description XanderGlasses smart glasses display real-time captions of what other people are saying. These glasses allow people who are hard of hearing to clearly understand who is speaking to them, whether at home, work, or in a noisy public venue. Website(s) For More Information Contact Linkedin Email: [email protected]

Virtual touch technology

Description Ultraleap produces ultrasonic transducers that enable haptics without devices. Users can feel virtual objects in the air and interact with them through hand gestures. The hardware required for this is now being upgraded to make it much more efficient and suitable for mass production. Website(s) For More Information Contact

VERSO – Interactive Ring by Intact

Description VERSO is an interactive ring that enables controlling applications with movements of the hands. It is a product of Intact. Website(s) For More Information Contact [email protected]

Using Drones on Strings to Create Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences

Description Researchers have developed a new technique for creating immersive virtual reality experiences using drones on strings. By attaching small drones to strings and manipulating their movements, users wearing VR headsets can be guided through a virtual world in a way that feels more natural and responsive than current methods. This technique could have applications […]

Using a treadmill and VR simultaneously can help multiple sclerosis patients

Description Training on a treadmill and using virtual reality (VR) may improve walking and cognition and relieve depression among relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, according to a new study. Website(s) For More Information Contact Prof. Jeffrey Hausdorff of Tel Aviv’s Sourasky’s Center for the Study of Movement, Cognition and Mobility: [email protected] Bibliography Siegel-Itzkovich, J. (2022, November 24). […]

Ultra Reality™ Desktop Monitor, allows headset immersion without the physical headset.

Description Breylon’s Ultra Reality™ display is the first desktop monitor to offer massive panorama with monocular depth, which translates to prolonged eye comfort and gives a sense of immersion that emulates headsets. Website(s) For More Information Contact [email protected]

Trigger based temperature illusions

Description This is a temperature illusion that uses low-powered electronics and enables the miniaturization of simple warm and cool sensations. The University of Chicago’s HCI lab engineered a wearable device that emits up to three custom-made “thermal” scents directly to the user’s nose. Breathing in these scents causes the user to feel warmer or cooler. […]

The Future of AR/VR/MR/XR

Description Virtual and augmented reality have been growing in popularity over the past few decades, and thanks to new sensory engineering, users will soon be able to experience these immersive technologies with all five senses. Olfactory engineering, the science of recreating smells, is being used to create various scent-based devices, such as face masks, amulets, […]

The 15 best science fiction TV shows imagining our next future

Description The Polygon list of the best sci-fi shows set in the future includes For All Mankind, The Expanse, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Lost in Space, The Empire Strikes Back, Dark, The Peripheral, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. These shows explore a variety of themes such as future societies, clones, robots with feelings, and galaxies. The […]

Tech Glove Translates Sign Language in Real-Time

Description A group of researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles have designed a device resembling a glove that can track finger movements in real-time and translate American Sign Language. With the help of machine language, the glove is can mitigate the gap between signers and non-signers. Website(s) For More Information Contact

Tech filter for patients with Parkinson’s disease

Description TechFilter is an adapter that connects the mouse and the computer. The filter suppresses undesired tremor movement from the overall movement described by the mouse in real-time; it only remains the voluntary part of an action, making easier the movement of the pointer and the access to programs. TechFilter has been designed to operate with the majority […]

Taptilo – Smart Braille Learning Device

Description Taptilo is a smart braille learning device that lets Braille beginners can learn braille patterns independently with the interactive braille display and audio feedback. Along with the jumbo-sized braille blocks, tactile guidance, and audio guide, braille beginners can easily follow pre-made curriculums in Taptilo. The device also comes with an app where instructors and […]

SPIDERS+: A light-weight, wireless, and low-cost glasses-based wearable platform for emotion sensing and bio-signal acquisition

Description SPIDERS is a low-cost, wireless, glasses-based platform for continuous in-situ monitoring of user’s facial expressions and real emotions. It uses three non-contact sensors (IR camera, proximity sensor, and IMU) to detect four core functions: eye shape and eyebrow movements, pupillometry, zygomaticus muscle movements, and head movements. Advanced functionalities such as facial expression detection and […]

Skin-like electronics that can monitor health continuously

Description The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) is working towards creating a ski-like flexible wearable device that can be worn every day to detect diseases like heart disease, cancer or multiple sclerosis — even before obvious symptoms appear. Website(s) For More […]

Speech recognition tech uses tiny face sensors to transcribe mouthed words.

Description South Korean researchers design a new silent speech recognition system that can accurately recognize words by tracking facial movements. The technology aims to help deaf people, who cannot always communicate with others using sign language. But it could also be useful to the military or the police – when radio communication is tricky because […]

SkinKit, on skin interface prototyping

Description Cornell’s Hybrid Body Lab created “a reliable, skin-tight interface that’s easy to attach and detach, and can be used for a variety of purposes – from health monitoring to fashion.” Skinkit is a premade interface that can be used for prototyping. The pieces of the Skinkit can be fit together and can be programmed for a […]

Sip and Puff Interface

Description By using only ‘sip and puff’ the HAPP100 can let you fully control a PC or Mac & can be used by anyone able to very gently blow and suck. Website(s) For More Information Contact [email protected] Contact Form

Proxemic Interaction

Description Using Microsoft Connect people who are blind and low vision can interact with art and participate in other experiences based on their proximity. For example, if going to view an art piece when they are 5 feet away they may get background music, then when they are 4 feet away they may get sonification, […]

Prosthetic Voices

Description Voice AI company VocaliD believes the voice is a key aspect of human identity. To that end, it creates AI voices for commercial use by brands as well as custom prosthetic voices for those in need of speech-assistive technology.  Website(s)

Pollen Based Paper

Description A team of researchers from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), has created a unique type of ‘paper’ made from pollen. This innovative material can be printed on and then easily ‘erased,’ allowing for multiple reuses without causing any damage to the paper. Website(s) For More Information Contact Foo Jie YingManager, Corporate Communications OfficeNanyang […]

Piezoelectric Fabric can detect sounds, like heartbeat

Description Collaboration of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Rhode Island School of Design ha created a fabric which can detect sound. Using piezoelectric fabric which can generate an electric charge in response to being moved. It can detect heartbeat, be used in fishing nets, track respiratory rate and more. Website(s) Full […]

Parallel Reality in Airports

Description Parallel Reality is a scanning device that shows your travel itinerary, and how to get to your gate. After scanning the paper itinerary, it displays content regarding a persons flight, completely personalized to their needs. Website(s)

Neurable’s Smart Headphones

Description Neurable’s smart headphones use neurotechnology tools that interpret human intent, measure emotion, and provide telekinetic control of the digital world. The headphones allow its user to keep burnout at bay, and optimize their day by being able to identify when they are able to focus best. This pair of headphones also come next-gen clever […]

Mind-controlled prosthetics for amputees

Description Researchers from the University of Michigan have tapped faint, latent signals from arm nerves and amplified them to enable real-time, intuitive, finger-level control of a robotic hand. The researchers developed a way to tame temperamental nerve endings, separate thick nerve bundles into smaller fibers that enable more precise control, and amplify the signals coming […]

Human Emotion Recognition: Review of Sensors and Methods

Description “Automated emotion recognition (AEE) is an important issue in various fields of activities which use human emotional reactions as a signal for marketing, technical equipment, or human–robot interaction. This paper analyzes scientific research and technical papers for sensor use analysis, among various methods implemented or researched. This paper covers a few classes of sensors, […]

Mind-controlled wheelchair

Description Three people with paralysis of all four limbs used their thoughts to steer a wheelchair through a cluttered room with a reasonably high level of accuracy. This suggests people with paralysis could move independently through certain rooms, but the technology may not be advanced enough to navigate a busy street. Website(s) For More Information […]

Light Sensing Wearable to help individuals with Lupus

Description A new 3D-printed wearable device capable of sensing light has been developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. This device can help people with lupus and other light-sensitive diseases by giving real-time feedback so they can better manage flare-ups. It is a breakthrough in the medical industry, as it offers an […]


Description This is a robust and large joystick for Windows or Mac. This stick does not have be held, just pushed, and the cursor moves at a rate, that you specify, in the pushed direction.  It stays where you left it once you let go of the stick.  It does not return the cursor to […]

Hearing Enhancers

Description Pocketalker Ultra is a portable, intuitive personal listening system to amplify and enhance private listening. Website(s) For More Information Contact Phone number: 866-323-5465

Hearing Enhancer

Description <Description of the group or project or topic item goes here> Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Bibliography Goes here

Hearing Aid Microphone

Description Roger is an intelligent wireless technology that transmits speech directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants, helping to overcome distance and noise. Website(s) For More Information Contact LinkedIn Facebook for professionals

Head Operated Mouse

Description Quha Zono X is a new tiny handsfree Bluetooth® mouse for people who can’t use desktop mice with their hands. With simple head movements the user can move the cursor accurately on any modern computer or mobile device. Website(s) For More Information Contact Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Email list form

Gesture Controlled Devices

Description The article “12 Unbelievable Gadgets You Can Take Over with Gesture Control” explores a fascinating array of gadgets that harness the power of gesture control technology. From a smart home system and comfortable chairs to smart lamps, wearables, speakers, and even a gesture-controlled camera, the article showcases a diverse range of innovative devices that […]

Force Feedback in Mixed Reality Experiences through Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Description A mobile system that enhances mixed reality experiences and games with force feedback by means of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). The benefit of this approach is that it adds physical forces while keeping the users’ hands-free to interact unencumbered—not only with virtual objects but also with physical objects, such as props and appliances that […]

Essence Wearables

Description A glove that recognizes the hypnogogic stage in sleep, sends a robotic voice to read out a creative prompt in sleep and records the response. A new type of user interface that uses smell as an implicit, less conscious output that still influences the person’s cognition. Website(s)

Earbuds for the Metaverse

Description Anker’s newly introduced Soundcore VR P10 truly wireless earbuds, allow for much better, immersive experiences while in VR. While some VR hardware does support the Bluetooth connectivity that most earbuds rely on, the latency that Bluetooth connection adds to the gaming experience would create out-of-sync sound. You might not hear a nearby explosion until after […]

Designing Senses, Sensory Augmentation

Description Sensory Augmentation is “the extension of the body’s ability to sense aspects of the environment that are not perceivable by the body in its natural state“. Sensory Augmentaiton technology could enhance an existing sense, (hyperspectral vision or ultra-sonic hearing), or give the perception of a new sense (magnetoreception or echolocation), or uses an existing […]

Customizable game controller kit for gamers with limited motor control

Description PlayStation announced Project Leonardo – a new assistive controller kit that aims to address common challenges faced by many players with limited motor control, including difficulty holding a controller for long periods, accurately pressing small clusters of buttons or triggers, or positioning thumbs and fingers optimally on a standard controller. Some of its key […]

Bite-controlled Optoelectronic System

Description Led by Professor Liu Xiaogang from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Chemistry, alongside a team a bite-controlled optoelectronic system has been created. Some use cases inlcude controlling devices such as computers, smartphones and wheelchairs. Using a bite can prove useful to individuals with limited mobility. This may prove a cost effective […]

Bend Desk

Description BendDesk is a multi-touch desk environment that seamlessly combines a vertical and a horizontal surface with a curve into one large interactive workspace. This workspace can be used to display any digital content like documents, photos, or videos. Multi-touch technology allows the user to interact with the entire surface using direct manipulation and multi-touch gestures. […]

Arena Scale VR

Description Thanks to the Oculus Arena large scale VR arena’s are becoming more popular. These require gamers to move around in a large space during their gaming experience. These experiences allow up to 16 players to go head-to-head in immersive experiences such as MissionX, Triton VR, and Cyberaction. The growth of the location-based VR industry […]

AR that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Head for Haptic Feedback

Description The authors developed a prototype device that uses a custom circuit board and a 3D printed headband to provide targeted stimulation to specific muscles on the scalp. It works by actuating electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) electrodes on the head to provide haptic feedback. This technique could have potential applications in fields such as gaming, […]

AR Navigation App

Description When people who are blind or visually impaired try to move around a city like Paris, they can easily get lost the minute they exit a subway station. An augmented reality (AR) navigation app is being developed to tackle this. The app identifies the most practical route for them and uses “spatial sound” – also […]

AR Glasses

Description Created by Snap Inc, Spectacles are a glasses that double as a camera. They feature two cameras, allowing users to capture both first-person and third-person perspectives. They have an AR perspective within the glasses, allowing you to see the world like never before! Website(s) For More Information Contact Creators

AR Digital Mask for Medical Record Privacy

Description This essentially acts like a well-built filter meant to give a person privacy on medical calls. They use deep learning to make it more robust. Their researchers hope is that people will more likely be honest and personal with any healthcare workers as they use the mask to protect themselves. More Information Researcher Email […]

Applications And Benefits Of Emotion-Sensing Technology

Description A wide range of emotion-sensing technologies have been developed and are being commercialised in various industries, such as healthcare, automotive, home appliances, and gaming. These technologies are used to detect the user’s emotional state in order to better serve them, minimise injury, and provide non-invasive health monitoring. Examples of such technologies include clothing that […]

Aero-plane: A Handheld Force-Feedback Device

Description Aero-plane is a force-feedback handheld controller based on two miniature jet propellers that can render shifting weights of up to 14 N within 0.3 seconds. Unlike other ungrounded haptic devices, this prototype realistically simulates weight changes over 2D surfaces. This work was a collaboration and was led by Andrea Bianchi who runs the MAKinteractgroup at KAIST. […]

A Review of Emotion Recognition Methods Based on Data Acquired via Smartphone Sensors

Description In recent years, emotion recognition algorithms have achieved high efficiency, allowing the development of various affective and affect-aware applications. This advancement has taken place mainly in the environment of personal computers offering the appropriate hardware and sufficient power to process complex data from video, audio, and other channels. However, the increase in computing and […]

Emotion-sensing technology in the Internet of Things“>Emotion-sensing technology in the Internet of Things

Description IoT is using emotion-sensing technology to track and reflect the users’ daily emotional states and to impact their online experiences. This technology enables wearables to collect and track personal information, creating the foundation for technology that helps evaluate one’s physical state and coordinate daily habits to avoid stressful situations. The article proposes an emotion-aware […]

“Telehaptics”: A New Tactile Communication System for Remote Touch Sensation Simulation

Description Scientists have developed a new tactile communication system called “Telehaptics” that uses a thin and flexible skin-like material attached to a device to simulate the sensation of touch remotely. The system allows two people to communicate through touch, even if they are miles apart. The researchers believe the technology has potential applications in telemedicine, […]

“Feeling” Prosthetics

Description Using “Biometric Feedback” and/or using “Asynchronous Coded Electronic Skin (ACES)”, researchers have been able to create prosthetics that can feel and recreate the lost sensation. The feedback takes into account of the nerves to create the sensation while the ACES looks into the skin itself to create that sensation. More Information Head Professor, Gregory […]

Eye Gaze Devices

Description Lumin-i is a powerful and precise eye tracker created by Smartbox, used with Grid Pad AAC devices to help people communicate. This is the first eye tracker developed with Smart Eye technology for AAC. Website(s) For More Information Contact Smartbox in the UK Phone (UK) +44 (0) 1684 578868 Email [email protected] UK (GMT) 8:00 – 17:30 Smartbox in […]

Google Starline – Virtual Presence without googles

The State of Text to Speech – Internationally

Description Provides an international overview graphically of Test to Speech in different countries. It also provide a listing of the number of speakers of different languages around the world. Website(s)

Blind user playing car racing game via audio cues

DIY Morse Code Keyboard

Description This DIY project design is the result of a challenge to design a way for people who can’t easily use a keyboard to create text for applications such as Word, OpenOffice, eBay, or Google via Morse code. It appeared in Nuts and Volts Website(s) For More Information Contact Jon Titus

Neural Dust to Monitor Organs

5 Futuristic Mind-Controlled Prosthetics

Eye Tracking in VR

AI Glamor Enhancer

Seeing AI app – Microsoft

Emotional Sensing using non-invasive sensors

Description This project was able to reliably recognize high vs. low emotional valence and arousal by relying on noninvasive low cost EEG, EMG, and GSR sensors. The reported achieving state-of-the art classification performance for both valence and arousal even in a cross-subject classification setting, which eliminates the need for individual training and tuning of classification […]

Brain to Brain communication – BCI

The Future of Brain Machine Interfaces

Microsoft Mesh

Pointing to the future of UI John Underkoffler

Are Brain Implants the Future of Computing

2008 Microsoft Vision of the Classroom of the Future

2014 Microsoft: Productivity Future Vision

1969 BT Vision of the Future

xxx no video link Meta Haptic Glove Research

Smart White Board

Players Return to Reality

Player Entering Game

Inserting AR Device into Person

Holograms BMS3E1

Facial Recognition From Memory Rewind

Digital Pinball Machine

DBI Transfer of Physical Sensations

DBI MS Info Transmitted into Mass System

DBI Doctor Feels Pain of Patient

Checking expiration date that AI has put on their relationship

AR Mental Projection Only He Can See

AR Game Experience BM3-2

Wrist Based Computing by Facebook Reality Labs

Description Facebook Reality Labs has recently unveiled their Wrist-Aware Input System which uses an array of sensors and cameras to detect hand movements and gestures. This technology provides a new way to interact with computers, allowing users to quickly perform tasks such as typing or scrolling with their wrists. With this system, users can take […]

Wearable Non-Invasive Contact Lenses as Brain Sensors

Description Researchers from the Microelectronic Lab at the University of Glasgow, in collaboration with Wöhlk Contactlinsen GmbH and Aarhus University, have developed a new, safe, and non-invasive platform for monitoring brain activity and other vital signs – modified electronic contact lenses. These contact lenses are composed of a flexible polyimide material and have a small, […]

Voice-Operated Smartphones Target Africa’s Illiterate

Description A company called Cerco has created voice-operated smartphones as a viable option for people in Africa who may not be able to take advantage of traditional technologies due to illiteracy. The percentage of illiterate people in Africa in the Sub-Saharan Ivory coast is up to 40%. There are many different dialects which have not […]


Description The Vocktail system can enhance drinks or even change the way water tastes. It changes color related to taste expectation and also releases an aroma depending on your flavor specifications. Advances are being made in taste, smell and other senses which were previously not tapped in the world of virtual reality. Website(s) Tasting Digital […]

Using Magnetism to Self-Assemble Shapes – Another Approach to Creating Tactile Shapes Magnetically

Description Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) are using magnetism to self-assemble tactile shapes. Cubes can be programmed very discerningly so that they only attach to a certain side of another cube. When considering construction of complex objects, the programmability of these cubes can change the production process in the future. […]

Understanding Speech via Noninvasive BCI’s

Description New AI system known as Meta-AI can create new AI models, including those that can understand speech, by analyzing existing AI models. This could potentially accelerate the development of AI and make it easier for researchers to create new, more advanced AI systems, especially as they relate to decoding speech. Website(s) Bibliography McCluskey, M. […]

Two pressure buttons on side pressure for bidirectional navigation on small devices

Description By using two buttons on the side of the phone (typically the volume buttons) users are able to move around the phone without touching the screen. Such as shown above where one soft-click on the bottom button moves the cursor to the next line. More Information Apple Accessibility Support Bibliography Spelmezan, D., Appert, C., […]

TouchMapper 3D print tactile maps

Description Touch Mapper allows 3D printing of tactile maps. Anyone can put an address into the website and print a 3D map. through playful pixels or they can download their own printable file. Touch Mapper is a web application that allows users to add geographic information to maps. It uses a combination of web-based tools […]

Inclusive XR and Hybrid Work Toolkit

Description Toolkit to help employers understand the value of using accessible extended reality (XR) technologies in hybrid work environments. After reading this Toolkit, you will better understand how to procure accessible XR technologies for your workplace. You will also learn how to use these technologies in ways that include all employees equally. Website(s) For More […]

The First AI Generated Keynote

Description David Vivancos gave the first AI generated Key Note Address. Using person modeling and Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning, he trained a model to create a keynote address which he helped to narrate. Website(s) Full Article For More Information Contact Contact Bibliography Vivancos, D. (2022). The First AI-Generated Keynote. [online] linkedin. Available at: [Accessed […]

Tap Strap 2

Description “The Tap Strap 2 is a single handed all-in-one wearable keyboard, mouse & air gesture controller. Made out of Skin-safe TPU, Tap lets you control your devices for 10 hours on a full charge (7 days of standby) Website(s) Tap Strap 2 For More Information Contact Contact Tap Bibliography Tap. (n.d.). Tap Strap 2. [online] […]

Spray on Smart Skin

Description Spray-on smart skin with AI capabilities rapidly created by researchers could revolutionize the way robots interact with their environment. The AI-powered skin, developed at the University of Sussex in the UK, can detect objects, identify shapes and even recognize facial expressions. It can be quickly applied to a variety of surfaces, including those of […]

Speech Accessibility Project

Description The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has begun the Speech Accessibility Project, a research initiative to make voice recognition technology more accessible and inclusive for people with a range of diverse speech patterns and disabilities. The project has been developed by a team of experts in linguistics, speech, artificial intelligence, security, and privacy, and […]

Smells Through Virtual Reality (VR)

Description This is an add-on for any VR headset that can introduce smell to the experience. It works with an odor cartridge and is meant to interact with the user’s limbic system so it can have therapeutic effects along with an enhanced experience. More Information Company Contact Bibliography Velazco, C., & Hunter, T. (2023, January […]


Description It is a table where through different navigations and lenses, one area can be for user only data and other spot can be for public data. It is a technology meant to inspire collaboration while keeping personal data private. More Information Lab Contact Bibliography Lissermann, R., Huber, J., Steimle, J., & Mühlhäuser, M. (2013). […]

Smart Helmet helps Firefighters to find victims

Description Smart helmet designed by researchers in Scotland help firefighters to locate and rescue victims. It allows them to “see” through smoke, map their surroundings and get to victims more quickly. Website(s) Full article For More Information Contact Chris Lu Bibliography (n.d.). Smart helmet for firefighters uses sensors and AI to rescue victims faster. [online] […]

Skin Sensors

Description <Description of the group or project or topic item goes here> Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Bibliography Goes here

SignAloud Gloves

Description “Their invention, “SignAloud,” is a pair of gloves that can recognize hand gestures that correspond to words and phrases in American Sign Language. Each glove contains sensors that record hand position and movement and send data wirelessly via Bluetooth to a central computer” (2016) More Information Navid Azodi Linkdlen Thomas Pryor Linkdlen Bibliography UW […]


Description SignAll has developed technology leveraging AI and computer vision that is able to recognize and translate sign language. SignAll is a company that leverages AI and computer vision to recognize and translate sign language. It can be used in business and education. SignAll also has other products such as SignAll lab which is a workstation […]

Sensor Translates Sign Language to Audio

Description Researchers have developed a sensor that can translate sign language into audio, allowing people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate more easily with those who do not understand sign language. The sensor is worn on the wrist and uses motion-sensing technology to detect hand movements associated with sign language and then […]

Self-Healing Sensors

Description A flexible, wearable, sensor that is now completely self-healing, like human skin, which is solves the vulnerability issues found in its flexible predecessors. Website(s) For More Information Contact Linbo Han at [email protected] for more information on their contribution to “Recent progress in conductive self‐healing hydrogels for flexible sensors”. Bibliography Khatib, M., Zohar, O., Haick, H., Self-Healing Soft […]


Full Article on Open Review Description Reskin is a new breakthrough AI research project developed by Facebook AI that attempts to solve the challenge of tactile perception by creating a low-cost, replaceable skin that is versatile and can be used for robotics, automation, and human-computer interaction. The project is designed to facilitate the development of […]


Description The ability of a machine or program to identify text and allow users to interact with an interface. Image Credits

Stimulated Pain

Description A device meant to mimic the sensation of pain through mechanical, electric, thermal, or chemical means. To replicate this sensation in a space such as Virtual Reality is considered valuable for safety education and training. Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography


Description The Optacon is a tactile reading machine designed to help the visually impaired to read printed text. It is a prime example of pre-OCR assistive technology for the blind, it uses a combination of a camera and pin system. It has a history of research at TRACE. Optacon was developed by the Telesensory company, […]

One-Touch Technology

Description A fingerprint biosensor developed by UCLA engineers that can present detailed information about a person’s blood composition (UCLA Samueli Newsroom, 2022). Bibliography UCLA Samueli Newsroom. (2022, August 8). Encrypted, One-Touch, Human-Machine Interface Technology Unveils User Physiology. UCLA Samueli School of Engineering. Retrieved October 21, 2022, from Lin, S., Zhu, J., Yu, W., Wang, […]


Description “Scientists at Sweden’s Stockholm and Malmö universities have created a three-dimensionally (3D)-printable “olfactometer” that can generate odors in virtual reality via a gaming controller” (Communications Office, 2022). Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Communications Office. (2022, October 12). Smelling in VR environment possible with new gaming technology – Stockholm University. Stockholm University., […]


Description ObjectSkin is a way to add interactiveness to typically unconventional items. It can deal with rough geometric items with its flexibility. More Information Lab Contact Bibliography Groeger, D., & Steimle, J. (2018). ObjectSkin: augmenting everyday objects with hydroprinted touch sensors and displays. Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, 1(4), 1-23.

NonInvasive Brain Control Interface

Description Through novel sensing and machine learning, researchers from Carnegie Mellon have been able to control a robotic arm with external sensors. According to Bin He, Trustee Professor and Department Head of Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, “There have been major advances in mind controlled robotic devices using brain implants. It’s excellent science,” says […]


Description It’s a keyboard that only shows some characters on the screen so it is easier to navigate the phone. In this manner, instead of the keyboard taking up half the screen, the user still gets to see what is being said as they type as shown above. More Information Author Information Bibliography Feng, G., […]

Miniaturized spectrometers with a tunable van der Waals junction – Science

Description “Scientists including an Oregon State University materials researcher have developed a better tool to measure light, contributing to a field known as optical spectrometry in a way that could improve everything from smartphone cameras to environmental monitoring.” “The study, published today in Science, was led by Finland’s Aalto University and resulted in a powerful, […]


Description The Metaverse continues to be a topic expanding interest where people can exist in a virtual world for work or play. It includes virtual and augmented reality. Groundwork is being laid for the future of a digital economy as well. Website(s)

Meta’s Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Program

Description Back in 2017, Facebook announced that they are starting BCI program. Since then, Emily Mugler and Mark Chevillet working on a potential non-invasive wearable BCI. Before it can be constructed, they first have to figure out the “neural signals” necessary to make it work which is where a study published from their lab in […]

Meta’s AI Text to Video Generator

Description Facebook’s Meta has created Make A Video which takes text and creates a video. The system looks at paired text and image data and generates videos from text provided to it. The output will vary depending on the text command. For example, if a user were to type in “A family of four riding […]

Mechanisms for Sensing Gestures

Description There are many diverse mechanisms that have been proposed for sensing hand, finger, or other parts of the body including: Website(s) For More Information Contact Bibliography

Liquid Metal Sensors on Prosthetics

Description Tactile liquid metal sensors (LMS) attached to the fingertips of a prosthetic arm shows potential of restoring touch to amputees. Bibliography Galoustian, G. (2021, July 14). Liquid Metal Sensors and AI Could Help Prosthetic Hands to “Feel.” FAU News Desk. Ren Y, Sun X, Liu J. Advances in Liquid Metal-Enabled Flexible and Wearable […]

Kai Gesture Control in Your Palm

Description Start up company, Vicara’s Kai Smart Wrist Band is the perfect solution for those who want to increase their productivity. Kai features gesture-based computer interaction technology that is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including laptops, mobile phones, televisions, VR/AR, and drones. It was first geared towards those working in design however it has many […]

BCI artificial touch sensation

Description Intracortical microstimulation of the somatosensory cortex, can allow prosthesis users to have the sensation of feeling tactile sensation. This method is effective in generating tactile sensations perceived as originating from the hand, with the stimulation sites organized according to expected somatotopic principles. These percepts demonstrate naturalistic characteristics, can be evoked at low stimulation amplitudes, […]

Intracortical Brain-Computer Interfaces

Description A collection of Intracortical Brain Computer Interfaces including prosthetics controlled using Brain Computer Interface and prosthetics that are used to provide sensation so users can feel touch through their prosthesis. Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Bibliography Goes here

Input Autocompletion in Win11

Description Try It: Enabling and disabling text suggestions when using a physical keyboard in Window’s 11. Full Video

Implant turns brain waves into words

Description A neuro-prosthetic can be utilized to allow paralyzed patients to communicate.  A neurosurgeon researcher from the University of California has found a way to use electrocorticography (ECoG) to monitor neural signals from the brain’s motor cortex which are used to produce language (going to the lips, larynx, tongue) and decode these signals using Artificial […]

Hexis Braille Reader

Description Hexis Braille Reader is a revolutionary device that allows blind users to access digital information such as text, images, and audio. It consists of two components: an intelligent camera and a refreshable braille display. The camera is used to scan and read printed documents, and the braille display allows users to view the text […]

Hand Terminal

Description The hand terminal from the sci fi show The Expanse is a device that is similar to a smartphone, but with significant differences. It is a handheld computer with a holographic display and voice-controlled user interface. It has the same functions as a regular smartphone, but it can also be used to control and […]

Hack the Brain to Add New Senses

Description In the future it may be possible to hack the brain and gain new senses. Some examples of this include; ‘The Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer (VEST) which translates sounds into vibrations. With training, a hearing-impaired person can use it to perceive sound through feeling the vibrations. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin  have found a way for the […]

Digital Twin for Healthcare Diagnostics

Description The Clinical Digital Twin is an advanced technology that allows the collection, storage, and analysis of a patient’s medical data in real-time. It provides an accurate, 3D-model of the patient’s anatomy that is updated as new information is gathered. This technology enables clinicians to make informed decisions based on a patient’s current health status […]

Digital Pill

Description The first digital pill that is able to detect if a patient has taken their medication via tiny sensors that activate once they touch stomach acid. The medication data is communicated to a patch on the patient’s body which transmits this data to an app the patient can access (Ong, 2017). Ong, T. (2017, […]

Customizable face mask with built-in sensors for optimal protection

Description MIT researchers have developed a new face mask with built-in sensors that can detect how well the mask is fitting, and adjust itself accordingly for improved protection against airborne particles. The sensors use a combination of temperature and pressure measurements to determine the mask’s seal around the face, and can wirelessly transmit this data […]

Computer Program controls Robot with Brain Signals and Machine Learning

Description Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institue of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) including Professor Aude Billard, the head of EPFL’s Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory and José del R. Millán, previously the head of EPFL’s Brain-Machine interface Laboratory, collaborated to design a computer program that use electrodes and machine learning to help people control a robot. This is […]

Cognixion One; Brain Computer Interface with Augmented Reality

Description Cognixion One is a company on a mission to unlock speech for millions of individuals. It is an innovative company which created to world’s first Brain Computer Interface and Augmented reality headset. It’s technology platform provides a range of services and applications to help people with disabilities. The headset assists people with disabilities in […]


Description Description Braingate is a research group dedicated to Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) for those with neurological diseases. Their specific focus are on diseases that impact limb activity such as ALS; they work on many functions from assistive speech to movement restoration. Some of their publications include: a haptic stimulation to include in BCIs so that […]

Brain-Computer Interface Applications for Speech

Description Conditions such as brainstem strokes or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) can result in damage or deterioration of motor pathways necessary for speech, not necessarily affecting brain structures which are necessary for language or cognition. This literature review discusses Brain Computer Interaction which can help individuals suffering with ALS and LIS to communicate. Locked in […]

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Headset lets users edit what they see.

Description It is a headset that through biosensors could allow users to “edit what they see [and] what they feel” (Tangermann, 2021). More Information Company Email Bibliography Tangermann, V. (2021, January 25). Gaming CEO: Brain Interfaces will allow us to edit our feelings. Futurism. Retrieved January 31, 2023, from 

Brain to Brain Communication

Description BrainNet is a brainn computer interface that allows three people to collaborate in problem solving using direct communication between their brains. It uses electroencephalography (EEG) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The interface was tested in a Tetris-like game, with the two “Senders” sending the decisions they make to the “Receiver” and the Receiver making […]


Description Biologic Skin, created by MIT researchers, is a flexible, interactive “skin” that can be worn on the body. It is embedded with nonpathogenic E. coli which expands or retracts in response to humidity, pH and other changes. It features sensors and actuators embedded within a fabric covering, allowing users to interact with digital content […]

Bioelectronic Mask

Description This is a mask with a built sensor that can detect respiratory infectious diseases within a 10-minute conversation with an infected person (Wang et al., 2022). Bibliography Wang, B., Yang, D., Chang, Z., Zhang, R., Dai, J., & Fang, Y. (2022). Wearable bioelectronic masks for wireless detection of respiratory infectious diseases by gaseous media. […]


Description This is a wearable device titled, aSpire which is “a mobile pneumatic-haptic device designed to help users regulate their breathing rate via subtle tactile feedback” (Project Overview ‹ aSpire: Clippable, Mobile Pneumatic-Haptic Device for Breathing Rate Regulation via Personalizable Tactile Feedback –, n.d.). For More Information Contact Yun Choi ([email protected]) Bibliography Project Overview ‹ […]

Alcohol Monitoring Sensor

Description This is a tiny sensor that is injected under the skin into the interstitial fluid of the body and provides constant alcohol monitoring. Drew Hall stated, “The ultimate goal of this work is to develop a routine, unobtrusive alcohol and drug monitoring device for patients in substance abuse treatment programs,” (as cited in Tiny […]

Adaptive Xbox Controller

Description The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a specialized gaming controller designed to provide gamers with limited mobility with better control and accessibility. It works with existing Xbox hardware and accessories, and users can customize the controller to their specific needs. It has two large programmable buttons, 19 jacks that allow users to connect external devices […]

Audio Only Computer Game for the Visually Impaired

Description Researchers at Lancaster University lead a project to create an audio-only computer game for the visually impaired in which abstract noise is used to guide the gamer through 15 levels of an immersive maze. The project used a co-design approach to explore how accessibility can be improved in gaming experiences. Website(s) Bibliography Project to […]

Internet of Senses

Description In the future we may be able to search a flower and smell what it smells like. The internet is expanding to include different senses that vision and sound. Advancements have been made in taste and smell such as with the Vocktail. There can also be digital touch (shape and texture), taste, responses to […]

RNIB Smart Glasses

1993 AT&T Prediction of Future Interfaces

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories

Description Microsoft has a line of adaptive accessories inspired by one father, John Helmes, an industrial designer at Microsoft. Helmes designed an adaptive mouse for his daughter with cerebral palsy and brought it to a Microsoft Hackathon. The adaptive devices designed by Microsoft now include a highly adaptable ecosystem that lets users customize their mouse, […]

Foot Mouse

Description Similar to a Mouse but “[i]t’s a two-part input device: one for cursor control (“slipper”), the other for mouse clicks and shortcuts (the pedal)” (Disabled World 2018) Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Garcia, F. P., & Vu, K.-P. L. (2011). Effectiveness of hand- and foot-operated secondary input devices for word-processing […]

Laser/Optical Pointer

Description A small device that emits a laser beam. It can aid with pointing so it can be used on its own or attached to a person to help.(Wikipedia) Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Choi, Y. S., Anderson, C. D., Glass, J. D., & Kemp, C. C. (2008). Laser Pointers and […]

Microsoft Adaptive Mouse

Description The main mouse is small and squarish, so it is easier to handle. But it is also customizable with the mouse tail and thumb support for more of a traditional mouse experience; you can also switch for the left or right hand (“Accessible Devices & Products for PC & Gaming | Assistive Tech Accessories […]

Light Pen

Description A pen that is meant to interact with the screen of a device with or without a light attached to it (Elizabeth, 2022). Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Elizabeth, M. (2022, September 19). What is a light pen? EasyTechJunkie. Retrieved October 12, 2022, from

Analog Joystick

Description They are motion range inputs that can move 360 degrees, mostly used on controllers (Analog stick 2022). Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Wikimedia Foundation. (2022, August 28). Analog stick. Wikipedia. Retrieved October 12, 2022, from

E-TRAN Eye Pointing

Description E-TRAN is an eye-gaze communication technique for people who cannot talk or easily point. It was named after the most used letters of the alphabet which were in the primary positions on the original board. It was first invented by Jack Eichler and Huge C Neale in the 1970s. The original has letters and […]

Disney House of Future (1957-67)

The Future Kitchen in the 1950s

Xerox Star 8010 Final Demo

Mind Uploaded into Virtual World

Representation of the Future in Old Movies

Sensorama (late 1970s)

The Mother of All Demos, Engelbart (1968)

Put that there MIT (1980)

Intel Future Vision with IDEO (~2001)

Blind in 2040: Specs on Deck

Description This vision of the future by Dylan Fox chronicles a day-in-the-life of you, a blind person in 2040, assisted by a pair of high-tech augmented reality glasses called Specs Website(s) For More Information Contact Dylan Fox

Canute Multiline Braille Reader

Description Canute is a braille reader with with 360 cells, 40 cells on 9 lines. This is a revolutionary Braille reader due to the volume of text it allows Braille readers to consume before having to click a button. It connects to USB and SD cards. It can be used to read music and display […]

Woojer Haptic Sound Suit

Description Woojer is a company creating haptic technology for virtual and augmented reality, specifically for a next level sound experience. Their products include the Vest, a full-body haptic feedback vest; the Edge, a wearable motion simulator; and the Osci, a mini haptic transducer. All three products use cutting-edge haptic technology to transport the user into […]

Utakata: Floating Bubble Display

Description Utakata is a floating bubble display. It uses a linear array of seven electrodes which are fabricated on the bottom of a water channel. Through activation of electrodes clusters of bubbles are created and displayed on an N × 7 dot-matrix display. Website(s) Full Article For More Information Contact Authors Info and Claims Bibliography Ayaka […]

Foldio: Digital Fabrication of Interactive and Shape-Changing Objects (Printed Electronics)

Description Foldios are foldable interactive objects that are embedded with input sensing and output capabilities. Foldios use thin lightweight material and are very versatile and can be used to create highly interactive foldable objects. Website(s) Full article For More Information Contact Authors Info and Claims Bibliography Simon Olberding, Sergio Soto Ortega, Klaus Hildebrandt, and Jürgen […]

Haptics-based virtual reality (VR) Training

Description Haptics-based virtual reality (VR) training uses haptic technology to create an immersive and interactive virtual world. Haptics, also known as “haptic feedback”, allows a user to touch, feel, and interact with a virtual environment. This type of training uses a variety of tactile, vibratory, and auditory feedback to create a more realistic virtual environment. […]

“The World in 2030” by Dr. Michio Kaku

Magnetic Skin for Tactile Sensing

Description Yajing Shen, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering of the City University of Hong Kong has developed soft magnetic skin for super-resolution tactile sensing with force self-decoupling. Human skin can sense small changes and perceive stimulus better than mechanoreceptors which are not as tightly spaced. The existing tactile sensors prior to the magnetic […]


Description ChatGPT is an updated AI model that can answer open-ended questions with minimal error and quick speeds. It compares to previous models and is considered revolutionary since previous models were only good for narrow and specific queries but ChatGPT can tackle anything from birthday party ideas to writing a college level essay (Roose, 2022). […]

Speaker/Panelist Bios

Here are the Bios of the Speakers/Panelists of the Future of Interface Workshop. Their recorded sessions can be found in the Auditorium.

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Pictures from Future of Interface Website

Below are sample pictures from the Future of Interface Website – along with the proper credit line for their original source Pictures from the Website Pictures from entries on the website

AI + RF imaging of Lips improves Hearing Aids

Description In noisy situations such as cocktail parties, a conventional hearing aids’ broad spectrum of amplification can make it difficult for users to focus on specific sounds, like conversation with a particular person. One potential solution to the cocktail party effect is to make ‘smart’ hearing aids, which combine conventional audio amplification with a second […]

Microsoft HoloLens for Remote Healthcare

Description This article documents the use of the mixed reality device Microsoft HoloLens to connect remote patients with metropolitan doctors in Australia. Website(s) Bibliography Schapova, N. (2022, October 30). Holographic headsets connect remote patients to City Doctors. ABC News. Retrieved January 10, 2023, from

ReSkin Sensors Provide Sense of Touch Enough to Feel Layers in Cloth

Description Article documenting new research from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute (RI) that uses ReSkin, an open-source touch-sensing “skin” made of thin elastic polymer embedded with magnetic particles to measure three-axis tactile signals in cloth, to teach robots how to feel layers of cloth and effectively fold them rather than relying on vision sensors alone. […]

HTML Coding for Speech Recognition

Description Comprehensive article covering web accessibility as it pertains to speech recognition. Topics include a definition of “Speech Recognition”, who depends on this feature, what the additional benefits are of this technology, and what needs to happen for this feature to work. This page also contains a short video on voice recognition and a number […]

Wearable Sensors in T-Shirts and Face Masks can be Used to Monitor Health

Description Low-cost conductive cotton-based thread called PECOTEX allows machine-washable circuitry to be embroidered into clothing, which can be used to make sensors monitoring various conditions such as breathing, heart rate, ammonia levels, etc. This can be used for noninvasive health monitoring for both medical needs and general fitness, as well as possibilities for other interface […]


Description A mouse is an input device that controls a computer screen’s cursor or pointer in conjunction with the way it is moved. Mice can take many forms. Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography What is a mouse? – definition from Techopedia. (2016, November 15). Retrieved October 12, 2022

Smelling in VR environment possible with new gaming technology

Description An odor machine, so-called olfactometer, makes it possible to smell in VR environments. The team developing it is using it in conjunction with a wine-testing game. The olfactometer consists of four different valves each connected to a channel. In the middle there is a fan sucking the air into a tube. With the help […]

VR Interface Auto-Calibration to User Capabilities

Description VR software using AI to learn what kind of motion range a user is capable of, and adjusting its interface to suit that range. For example, if a user cannot reach very far up, the software can detect when the user is trying to reach for a menu item that is too high and […]

Pressure sensors used to control exoskeleton

Description These lower-body exoskeletons allow people who have various motor issues to practice walking normally. The exoskeletons have two modes, one in which the device automatically walks, moving the user’s legs along with it on a predetermined gait pattern, and another in which pressure sensors pick up the desired movements from the user and amplify […]

“Stentrode” is inserted into the top of the brain via a blood vessel

Description An array of sensors made by Synchron called a “Stentrode” is inserted into the top of the brain via a blood vessel in a minimally invasive procedure. It’s controlled wirelessly using the Synchron Switch from the patient’s chest, and can be used to tie actuation of an input to the user attempting to actuate […]

4D Printing and Adaptive Structures – (Future Dynamic Tactile Display?)

Description 4D printing is a number of techniques that use 3D printing with specific chemicals to create structures that can reshape themselves when presented with certain stimuli. This has applications from robotics to biomedicine, but in terms of interface it creates the potential for touch-based interfaces that can reshape themselves to communicate via shape or […]

Super-resolution wearable electrotactile stimulators

Description “Most electrotactile stimulators rely on high voltage direct-current (DC) pulses (up to hundreds of volts) to penetrate the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin, to stimulate the receptors and nerves, which poses a safety concern. Also, the tactile rendering resolution needed to be improved. The latest electro-tactile actuator developed by the team […]

Prediction of folding iPhone-like device in 1998 and 2001

AT&T Connections – 1993

Starfire – Sun Microsystems 1994

Chapter 1 -by Apple 1989

MIT Invents A Way To Turn “Silent Speech” Into Computer Commands

Description Think about how you read. Do you say every word out loud to yourself in your head? That’s a process called internal vocalization or subvocalization. Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have created a prototype for a device you wear on your face that can detect tiny shifts that occur when you subvocalize in the muscles […]

Derma Converts Subvocalizations Into Voice Input

Description “You probably don’t notice it, but you most likely subvocalize speech when you’re reading — and sometimes even when just thinking about what you’re saying. Subvocalizations is inner speech, but usually manifests as barely noticeable contractions of the larynx muscles. Essentially, you’re speaking so quietly that it is inaudible. There are many explanations for […]

About Virtual Sensors

Description A virtual sensor uses information available from other measurements and process parameters to calculate an estimate of the quantity of interest. (Wikipedia) For example a virtual sensor might measure many different readings from a person in order to try to determine if a person was happy or sad or angry or scared. Virtual sensing techniques, […]


Description An application that allows people with speech impairments to use intelligent voice assistants. It can also be used to communicate with people who cannot understand your normal speech. It allows you to train phrases to use your own voice to communicate in your daily routines. It allows a user to use any voice pattern […]

Morse Code Translator

Description A website where you can just type letters, numbers, and punctuation into the top box, and the Morse code will appear in the bottom box with a “#” if the character cannot be translated. Website(s)

Subvocal recognition

Description Subvocal recognition (SVR) is the process of taking subvocalization and converting the detected results to a digital output, aural or text-based. A set of electrodes are attached to the skin of the throat and, without opening the mouth or uttering a sound, the words are recognized by a computer. Subvocal speech recognition deals with […]

How word prediction is used in classrooms

Eye-Gaze only interface to MINECRAFT

Description Two open-source projects to created an eye-gaze only interface to MINECRAFT. The challenge was to create an interface to MINECRAFT that could be operated with the eyes only (I.e. no confirm switch ). Using eye gaze to point – and a switch to confirm has been done many times. But the challenge here was […]

Atom Limb

Description This is an electromyographic (EMG) prosthetic that does not require a brain implant, but utilizes more than 200 sensors to detect the body’s nerve signals (Ammache, 2022). Website(s) Bibliography Ammache, F. (2022, March 18). Atom Limbs 🦾. By Fawzi Ammache – Year 2049. Retrieved October 20, 2022, from

Stretchable Sensor

Description This wearable technology was developed to collect “various health information in real-time by monitoring biosignals and certain movements” to diagnose people. (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, 2020) Bibliography Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology. (2020, January 8). A sensor to detect human body conditions in real-time. Tech Xplore. Retrieved October 19, […]


Description A stylus is a handheld instrument used with touch screen input devices or graphics tablets in order to interact and input commands to the operating system or to draw on the screen. They can take many different forms in order to be convenient and usable by people with different needs, for different tasks, or […]

Speech Input

Description The ability of a machine or program to identify words spoken aloud and allow users to interact with an interface.  Website(s) Voiceitt lets people with speech impairments use voice-controlled technology For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Hoy, M. B. (2018). Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and more: an introduction to voice assistants. Medical reference […]

Virtual Retinal Display

Description The Virtual Retinal Display (VRD) is a new display technology that scans modulated low-energy laser light directly onto the viewer’s retina to create a perception of a virtual image. This approach provides an unprecedented way to stream photons to the receptors of the eye, affording higher resolution, increased luminance, and potentially a wider field […]

Skin Tracking

Description Called SkinTrack and developed by the Human-Computer Interaction Institute’s Future Interfaces Group, the new system allows for continuous touch tracking on the hands and arms. It also can detect touches at discrete locations on the skin, enabling functionality similar to buttons or slider controls (Zhang, 2016). Website(s) For More Information Contact Bibliography Zhang, Y., Zhou, […]

Haptic Teleoperation

Description Haptic Teleoperation is where a haptic interface allows an operator to perceive the remote environment via tactile feedback or other bodily sensations. (Rezeck et al. 2018). Website(s) Teleoperation Demo Sigma-7 by Force Dimension For More Information Contact Force Dimension Bibliography Enayati, N., De Momi, E., & Ferrigno, G. (2016). Haptics in robot-assisted surgery: Challenges […]

Ultrasound Haptics

Description Haptic sensations are transmitted to the skin through precisely focused sound waves, so multiple points of stimulation can be created and moved without the constraints imposed by a physical end effector. These sensations can cover a wide range, stimulating all of the hand, for example, within a relatively large workspace. Finally, high sample rates […]

Magnetic Levitation Haptic Interfaces

Description At the heart of the maglev haptic interface is a bowl-shaped assembly called a flotor that has six embedded coils of wire. Electric current flowing through the coils interacts with powerful permanent magnets, causing the flotor to levitate. A handle is attached to the flotor. A user moves the handle much like a computer […]

Haptic Exoskeleton

Description This powered upper extremity exoskeleton is one of the first to fully be able to interact with the human shoulder-girdle and to provide force-feedback. (Andre et al. 2008). Website(s) European Space Agency’s Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory X-Arm-2 Demo Development of the New Ergonomic X-Arm-2 Exoskeleton For More Information Contact ESA Bibliography Schiele, A., & […]

6-DOF Haptic Interface

Description This interface group has, as a principle, the transference of force through tension cables, pulleys, and motors, and its movement is graduated by movement via digital decoders connected to them (Ariza, 2016). Website(s) Bibliography Pérez Ariza, V. Z., & Santís-Chaves, M. (2016). Haptic interfaces: kinesthetic vs. tactile systems. Revista EIA, (26), 13-29. Sato, M. (2002, […]

Vibrotactile Haptics

Description The majority of electronics offering haptic feedback use vibrations, and most use a type of eccentric rotating mass (ERM) actuator, consisting of an unbalanced weight attached to a motor shaft. As the shaft rotates, the spinning of this irregular mass causes the actuator and the attached device to shake. Piezoelectric actuators are also employed […]


Description “A trackpad, also known as a touchpad or glide pad, is a device that translates the position and motion (left, right, up, and down) of your fingers in order to move the cursor on your screen and interact with websites and applications” (Demarest, 2020). Website(s) For More Information Contact Bibliography Demarest, A. A. (2020, […]

Head Mice

Description A head mouse is a devices that allows the movement of the mouse pointer to be controlled by voluntary head movements. A typical system is comprised of a special camera that sits on a monitor or laptop screen, small reflective dots that are placed on the user’s forehead, glasses, or finger, and specialist software […]

Head Sticks/Pointers

Description Website(s) For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Bibliography Goes here

Tactile Display

Description A tactile display is a human–computer interface that can reproduce as closely as possible the tactile parameters of an object, such as shape, surface texture, roughness and temperature (Chouvardas et al. 2008) Website(s) For More Information Contact Bibliography

Haptic Gloves

Description Haptic gloves allow the players to feel the virtual world more realistically by providing force feedback (Xiong, Q. et al. 2022). Website(s) Meta’s Virtual Reality Glove Haptx True-Contact Gloves Manus Virtual Reality Gloves For More Information Contact Meta Bibliography Xiong, Q., Liang, X., Wei, D., Wang, H., Zhu, R., Wang, T., … & Wang, […]

AR Seeing Other Ratings

Shared control of bimanual robotic limbs with a brain-machine interface for self-feeding

Hyper-Reality  (AR)  2016

Why ‘digital literacy’ is now a workplace non-negotiable.

Description Why ‘digital literacy’ is now a workplace non-negotiable Digital skills once meant having a basic grasp of computers. Now, it means being able to work adaptably and strategically across tools, devices and platforms. (39 kB) Website(s) Why ‘digital literacy’ is now a workplace non-negotiable For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Bibliography Goes here […]

Morse Code

Description Either of two codes consisting of variously spaced dots and dashes or long and short sounds used for transmitting messages by audible or visual signals. (Merriam Webster, n.d.) Sources Merriam Webster. (n.d.). Morse code Definition & Meaning. Merriam-Webster. Retrieved September 6, 2022, from




Description Website NI Direct Government Services. (n.d.). Keyboard and mouse basics | nidirect. NI Direct. Retrieved September 5, 2022 For More Information Contact Bibliography


Description A series of buttons placed in an arrow or cross design that provides commands for four directions – up-down-left-right or north-south-east-west. (Techopedia) Websites Techopedia. “What is a Directional Pad (D-Pad)? – Definition from Techopedia.” Techopedia, Accessed 11 September 2022.

Cortisol Increase Notification on Tablet Screen

Chip Insertion to Human

Body Reacts in Real Life

Comm Box Allows Coma Patients to Respond

Game Emulates Physical Attacks on Body

DBOM Accuracy Training Through Mass System

Using External Device to Input House Layout into Mass System (existing DBI)

DBIO – Filtering of what youngster sees and hears

Knowledge Navigator by Apple 1988

Smart dust

Description Smartdust  is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals. They are usually operated on a computer network wirelessly and are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing through radio-frequency identification. Without an antenna of much greater size the range of tiny smart dust communication […]

Sample Post 10

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Sample Post 9

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Sample Post 2

Description <Description of the group or project or topic item goes here> Website(s) <enter websites as clickable URLs with “target=0” so they open a new web page> For More Information Contact Information Goes Here Bibliography Bibliography Goes here Description <Description of the group or project or topic item goes here> Website(s) <enter websites as clickable […]

Release – Future of Interface Workshop

For Immediate Release: January 19, 2023 The University of Maryland Trace R&D Center to HostFuture of Interface Workshop Experts to imagine and explore an accessible digital future during two-day free virtual conference, February 16–17, 2023 College Park, Maryland— January 19, 2023 — The Trace R&D Center in the College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, […]

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Description Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit […]