Picture of youngster long blond hair and cap.
Direct Brain Interfaces
- Unique Combinations of DBI types

Brain implant censoring what youngster sees and hears

Black Mirror S4-E2

Young teenage boy talking to a youngster about 6-7 years old

Teenager: Do you see much blood?  Its like juice. Thick red juice.

Youngster looks on with open eyes and mouth

Teenager: And then the guy on the ground is all like “Hell no!”

Another shot of the youngster – indicating that what we hear and see is what the youngster is hearing and seeing

Teenager:   And he keeps … (rest of his speech is muffled so you can’t understand anything)

Teenager starts waving arms around like he is stabbing someone.  But the youngster cannot hear the teenager’s speech (it is muffled) and the teenager’s lips and his arm are all blurred so the youngster cannot see the depiction of the stabbing (or read lips).