This site is a collaborative effort – and it will take collaboration to keep it evergreen.  A list of those who have worked on it to date can be found in the Forum.

If you would like to help out, there are many ways (large and small) to contribute.  And there is a reward program (see below) for student contributors as well.

Some ways to contribute are:

  • Point out errors or omissions   (use the feedback button on the right)
  • Help us locate items that should be on the site (especially the Exploratorium)
    • just send the URL and a brief description of what it is and where you think it should go, to [email protected]
  • Volunteer to help enter new items into the site
  • Volunteer to help with captioning or describing all the videos contributed.
  • Spread the word about the site and the effort to create an R&D Agenda on future accessibility
  • Volunteer to help maintain/improve the website when it arises (for WordPress experts).
  • Volunteer to watch accessibility – for those with accessibility audit and repair experience.


Volunteer efforts are appreciated.  But rewards are also available for the best submissions or contributions to the Exploratorium.  This is a good way for students to augment their resources.  Rewards are for the first person submitting selected items and are as follows.

  • $2 for each annotated bibliography entry.
  • $4 for each movie clip of a new unique interface or future prediction of interface
  • $5 for a new page entry

There are also opportunities for data entry.