This website is designed to accompany the Future of Interface – and Accessibility Workshop held on February 15th and 16th, 2023, and the Research Agenda Building activity that follows.

The website is also designed to be a central reference point for all things Interface for anyone interested in viewing the breadth of interfaces that exist, have existed or that people might imaging existing in the future. This is useful to anyone interested in HCI and the design of digital interfaces.

A primary goal of this website, the workshop (which is chronicled in the Auditorium of this website), and the discussions on Discord during and after the workshop (see the Forum section of this website), it to identify future directions for interfaces and where we might be in 20 years, in order to better create and execute a research agenda that will ensure that future interfaces are accessible to everyone when they appear – accessible either directly or via a new generation of assistive technologies.

The site has 4 major sections

  1. An Info Center – that provides general information on the project and website, as well as those that created it – and its special features
  2. An Auditorium – that contains recordings of the presentations and panel discussions at the Future of Interface workshops (Feb 2023)
  3. An Exploratorium – that provides information, annotated bibliographies, movies, pictures, and write-ups on the full spectrum on interfaces, past, present, and future-imagined.
  4. A Forum – that provides links to discussions on Discord and other media where the continuing work on the Research Agenda and other discussions are taking place.

Links to each are provided across the top of the page throughout the website,  as are links to the Accessibility Features and the R&D Agenda that is under development from this work.

NOTE: A feedback feature is provided on each page to allow anyone to comment on any aspect of the site or its content.  Please use this freely to point out any problems, errors, or omissions.  In particular we rely on our website visitors to suggest new items for inclusion in the site.

  1. Click on the feedback button on the right of the screen
  2. highlight any particular area of the screen you wish to comment on
  3. click anywhere on the screen and leave a note.   You can do this anonymously – or you can include your email to allow us to get in touch if we have questions.   If you leave your name – you can also get added to our list of contributors to the site.



This site and the resulting R&D Agenda are the result of a large number of contributors large and small.  Please see the “Contributors” list in the Forum.  (If you have contributed in any way and do not see your name on the list – be sure to send us a note at [email protected] so we can correct the oversight.).

Special Acknowledgment to Donny Probowo  of donnystudio.com who did all the programming for the site and Juan C. Echavez of juanechavez.com who did the amazing graphics and animation.

The workshop and this website funded in part from grants #IIS2312370  from the National Science Foundation and #90REGE0008 from National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR), Administration on Community Living (ACL), HHS.  No endorsement of the work or the information or results of the workshop or website should be inferred by any of the funding agencies or participating and supporting individuals or organizations